What is Adult Family Care (AFC)?

The Adult Family Care (AFC) program, also known as Adult Foster Care, is a program designed to help individuals who cannot safely live alone due to a medical, physical, intellectual or developmental disability. AFC provides support services and a stipend to families for the care provided to their loved ones. With AFC, caregivers get paid for care they may already be providing.

Is My Loved One Eligible for Adult Family Care?

Individuals who are unable to safely live alone, are at least *16 years of age, MassHealth Standard or CommonHealth qualified and have a medical, physical, intellectual and/or developmental disability requiring daily cueing and supervision or physical assistance with at least one activity of daily living, may be eligible to receive AFC services.

*Children who are not yet 18 may receive care from non-parental caregivers. This may include grandparents, siblings or aunts/uncles, for example. Once a child turns 18, one of the parents may become the caregiver, provided that he/she is not the legal guardian.

What is an Activity of Daily Living (ADL)?

Activities of daily living are basic self-care tasks. These tasks include bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, walking or transferring from one position to another.

Who May be a Caregiver for Adult Family Care?

Eligible caregivers must be willing to live with the MassHealth individual and be able to devote appropriate time to provide care and ensure the individual's safety. Caregivers are required to be at least 18 years of age, pass a criminal background check and be free of mental, physical or other impairments that would interfere with caregiving. Caregivers may not be the individual's legal guardian or spouse.

How Will My Adult Family Care Agency Support Me?

AFC agencies use a person-centered approach and provide ongoing support from a care manager and registered nurse to ensure the individual's care needs are being met, including advocacy, care management and clinical support. AFC staff members provide specialized trainings, which include medication management and emergency procedures. The agency also provides a monthly tax-free, MassHealth-funded stipend to eligible caregivers, which can amount to over $18,000 annually, depending on level of care.

I Am Interested in Adult Family Care. What Should I Do Next?

The next step is to see if you, your child or loved one are eligible to receive services. Application begins with a phone call to the AFC director or by contacting us on our Contact Us page. We will answer your questions and help you with the application process.

For more information please contact us.